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Custom design Amsterdam

We do many large projects, such as for Tommy Hilfiger or KLM. We also cover restaurants, pubs, houses and clubs, mainly in and around Amsterdam. Everything is designed by hand, we look for the right fabrics and the right atmosphere for a beautiful custom design.

But we also do smaller projects. For example, we often work for private individuals who attach a certain emotional value to a piece of furniture. This could be because it has been in the family for a long time or that they found it in the garbage in their college days and still love it 20 years after.

I like to listen to people and to make the customer's dream come true. The customers have good taste. I like to be surprised with nice chairs and other furniture and objects that are new to me. It's a new challenge every time and I never stop learning.

Iris Wiegman


Please take a look at this gallery to get an idea of our projects and products.